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Edina MN House Design Plans

As you look through our gallery of photos you will discover that it is our goal to blend fine artistry and form in our client's house designs and home remodeling in Edina. This is based on our philosophy that all homes should be special whether they are luxury home designs or small house designs.

Since 1988 Hallquist Design Inc. has planned over 2,000 unique house designs for our clients in the Edina, MN area. From Mission, Prairie, Contemporary and Traditional house designs we are confident that we will be able to successfully design yours to your distinctive style. After careful communication and exchanging of ideas we will take you through our unique custom home design process that has proven time after time to be successful in delivering fine home plans that our clients love and that save construction costs in Edina. Custom home plans that are designed around how "you" live and include the features and amenities that "you" want in a home. No matter how small the detail, we will together explore the right way to design it to be functional and attractive.

The current trends for home designs in Edina are larger Great rooms, Kitchens and Mudrooms with more built-in cabinets. The formal Living Room and formal Dining Room are almost a thing of the past in many new home designs. More emphasis is put on Bathrooms, Entertainment rooms and closet space. Additionally we design Green House Plans that feature energy saving design elements that do not cost any more to build but will save you money year after year.

In Edina there are many sources in which to obtain your home design or home plans. Registered Architects tend to charge fees much more than we do and typically want to have a lot of control while your home is being built which many people don't want or pay for. They also may not be interested in a small house designs. Draftsman typically design house plans and floor plans that lack originality and proper detailing which is undesirable as well. Home designs or floor plans purchased through books or the internet typically need to be significantly revised for a variety of reasons and many times by the time this is completed a custom home plan could have been prepared. Hallquist Design Inc. "Professional Home Designers" whose specialty is custom house plans and home improvement design have the right amount of talent, knowledge and practical experience that is necessary for your project in Edina.

Please contact Hallquist Design for a free consultation regarding house designs or home remodeling ideas conveniently in your Edina home.

Edina MN Basement Remodeling Designs

Basement remodeling designs, when prepared by professionals, will accomplish exactly what you desire from your home improvement project in Edina. Many people come to us to help them through the design process because they know how important it is to do this right to attain their goals while maximizing resale for their Edina home.

We will take your ideas and add our design experience to develop basement remodeling designs for your approval. Our goal is to design original and creative spaces that fit your lifestyle and personal requirements. Hallquist Design will show you how to achieve the most from your space with design solutions and solid planning while showing you ways to save money for your home remodeling in Edina.

Many of our clients in Edina have commented that having us do professional basement remodeling designs helped them achieve exactly what they wanted, saved them money, plus much more!

Edina MN Bathroom Designer

Your choice in a bathroom designer is a big decision. Choose a company you can trust for professional bathroom design, service and consultation for one of your biggest investments-your home. Choose Hallquist Design!

According to Realtors in Edina, adding a new bathroom is at the top of the list for adding value to your home. Also, most real estate agents agree that a new bathroom is one of the single most important remodeling projects for adding sales appeal to your home in Edina.

Hallquist Design will help you achieve your bathroom goals in the areas of creative design, space utilization, and money saving techniques. We can show you bathroom design options until you are completely happy and confident it's the perfect bathroom for you. Many bathroom remodeling projects in Edina are part of a larger project and we can help you with that as well. When you consider our talent to bring you many bathroom ideas, and our skill to solve complex design issues we hope that you will consider us for your bathroom remodeling project.

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