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Modern Farmhouse Home Design Plans

One of the new stars on the home design scene is the Modern Farmhouse, an updated take of the traditional farmhouse.

Modern Farmhouse Home Plans

With over 20 years of home design plans and remodeling plans, Hallquist Design can provide you with a complete set of Modern Farmhouse home plans for a new construction project. The Modern Farmhouse is rising in popularity on the design scene for new home construction. The Modern Farmhouse usually incorporates features such as:

  • A traditional farmhouse exterior and roof lines with modern features for the interior such as large, open floor plans
  • An exterior that usually incorporates a wide rectangular footprint with large windows, typically utilizing board and batten style siding
  • Wrap-around or large front porches
  • Big, spacious kitchen and dining spaces

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Modern Farmhouse House Plans

Hallquist Design has designed a number of Modern Farmhouse house plans, and can provide you with the features that you need and want in your Modern Farmhouse. In working with Hallquist Design, you get a better home plan with less frustration and less cost. Call (952) 890-7238 today to have Hallquist Design work with you for your new home plan!

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