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Aging in Place Remodeling Plans

Hallquist Design believes in the idea that as people age into their senior years, they can stay in their homes with ease and comfort instead of moving their lives into a nursing home or assisted living facility. Aging in Place home remodeling may include:

  • Kitchen updates to improve the ease of use of appliances, accessibility and overall home safety.
  • Bathroom remodeling to add accessible bathtubs (walk-in tub or shower) and more space to move around with a walker or wheelchair.
  • Improvement to the Home Exterior to improve the accessibility of doors, improved outdoor lighting and lower maintenance exterior materials to minimize upkeep needed, including additions of a wheel chair ramp.
  • Laundry Room - move to the main living level of the home.
  • Widening of doorways - increasing the width of doorways to 36" to accomodate wheelchairs.
  • Install a chair lift or elevator, improving the access to all levels of a home.

Adaptive Housing for Seniors

With over 20 years of home design plans and remodeling plans, Hallquist Design can provide you with Aging in Place remodeling plan ideas to use in your current home. The ideas that you choose should involve changes to your home that creates a more safe, usable & enjoyable spaces that are easier to live in.

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